Detection of particles and radiation

Studies and evaluation of particle environment in space and risks caused by ionizing environment demands measurements with novel detection technologies. Based on our unique expertise in nuclear and particle physics we excel in the development of new detectors for a wide range of applications from radiation monitors to modern scientific instruments. We provide end-to-end solutions from concept elaboration through hardware development to data analysis.

Detectors for particle and radiation measurements

  • Novel sensors and particle detector technologies
  • Sensors, monitors and spectrometers for detection of gamma-rays, electrons, protons and heavy ions
  • Front-end electronics, central computers, power supplies and Ground Support Equipment
  • Design and ready-to-use solutions for specific needs and environments

Detection systems for aerospace applications

  • Design analysis and concept elaboration
  • Modeling and optimization
  • Prototyping and bread-boarding
  • Development of electronic subsystems
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Tests and calibrations campaigns
  • Data analysis and evaluation software
  • Assistance in qualification and commissioning