Radiation Effects Evaluation

Susceptibility to ionizing radiation strongly affects the performance of instruments in aerospace. Our extensive knowledge of radiation hardness and its evaluation allows for the minimization of the radiation impact. We conduct radiation environment modeling and optimize instrument reliability. Our teams carry out components qualifications at irradiation facilities worldwide. We also develop and qualify electronics with either rad-hard or commercial parts.

Assessment of radiation effects in electronics

  • Radiation environment modeling for aerospace
  • Analysis of radiation hardness and hazards
  • Evaluation of damage and effects in electronics
  • Instrument and electronics shielding optimization
  • Radiation qualification campaigns at exposure facilities
  • Development and performing dedicated test of electronics
  • Radiation hardness assurance and reliability assistance

Systems and electronics for radiation qualification

  • Electronics for radiation qualification of components
  • User-specific measurement systems for radiation hardness tests
  • Arrangements and setup for campaigns at exposure facilities
  • Radiation test program and procedures according to standards and mission requirements