Space Weather Services

Enhanced radiation environment in aerospace can have detrimental effects on humans, electronics or infrastructure. Mitigation of Space Weather’s influence on infrastructure, society, and humans relies on access to on-ground and space observations. Evaluation of crucial data allows for setting proper levels of awareness and timely reactions. Our experience in establishing and operation of Space Weather and science-related data banks helps to assess potential risks and improves forecasting.

Space Weather and radiation environment modeling

  • Software suite for radiation effects evaluation
  • Algorithms for radiation damage assessment
  • Analysis of radiation impact minimization
  • Software products for Space Weather observations
  • Data base for raw and processed data dissemination
  • Procedures for risk analysis and forecast

Dissemination and analysis of Space Weather data

  • Mission operation software for instruments
  • Application specific ground segment software
  • Data base design and maintenance of data centers
  • Software packages for dissemination of Space Weather data
  • Data pre-processing algorithms and web presentation software
  • Risk evaluation and environment modeling tools