SE2S GmbH is a Swiss-based tech-SME with over 30 years of experience in radiation qualification, particle detection, and data analysis. Its founders gathered profound expertise in radiation qualification and testing, electronics design, hardware and software development, and data evaluation for applications in aerospace.   

Our team

SE2S is an SME founded by private individuals and companies. It consists of five legal entities: two natural persons and three companies. Our R&D experience comes from nuclear and elementary particle physics, astrophysics and astronomy as well as electronics and professional project management. In our activities, from the beginning, we have been guided by the principles of close cooperation with our parent institutes and neighbouring companies.

Our Expertise

Detection of particles and radiation

Studies and evaluation of particle environment in space and risks caused by ionizing environment demands measurements with novel detection technologies. Based on our unique expertise in nuclear and particle physics, we excel in the development of new detectors for a wide range of applications from radiation monitors to modern scientific instruments. We provide end-to-end solutions from concept elaboration through hardware development to data analysis.

Radiation Effects Evaluation

Susceptibility to ionizing radiation strongly affects the performance of instruments in aerospace. Our extensive knowledge of radiation hardness and its evaluation allows for the minimization of the radiation impact. We conduct radiation environment modeling and optimize instrument reliability. Our teams carry out components qualifications at irradiation facilities worldwide. We also develop and qualify electronics with either rad-hard or commercial parts.

Space Environment Services

Enhanced radiation environment in aerospace can have detrimental effects on humans, electronics or infrastructure. Mitigation of Space Environment or Weather influence on infrastructure, society, and humans relies on access to on-ground and space observations. Evaluation of crucial data allows for setting proper levels of awareness and timely reactions. Our experience in establishing and operation of space environment and science-related data banks helps to assess potential risks and improves forecasting.