PICCHA – Beam profile monitors

  • Compact and portable beam profile monitor
  • High sensitivity and large linear resolution
  • Full two-dimensional profiles
  • Real-time measurements
  • User-friendly setup and readout software
  • Used in wide range of accelerator facilities and beam-lines

Detectors for gamma-ray imaging

  • 64 pixel detector systems built using various scintillator materials selected to meet user requirements
  • Signal collection based on standard PMTs or modern SiPM
  • Spectroscopic and polarization measurements
  • Radiation directionality determination
  • Miniaturized readout electronics with custom made amplifiers or wide selection of ASICs
  • Application dedicated read-out and analysis software
  • Automatic calibration and health-check procedures

GURT – General Use Radiation Tester

  • Enable fast and reliable radiation qualification of electronic components
  • Links broad family of devices under tests (DUTs) with standardized hardware and software support systems
  • Allows for reliable and cost-effective characterization of devices for wide range of radiation effects: SEEs, TID, DD
  • Very well suited for developments related to cube-satellites and new space projects

EGSE and ASIC testers

  • Enable fast prototyping of new developments in field of space technologies such as ASIC and detector systems
  • Allows for qualification of novel technologies in field of microelectronics and sensors for use in space
  • Functionality and performance testing  in accordance to user define requirements
  • Ranging from ASIC testers to complex EGSE makes it possible for broad characterization of HW and SW

RML – Radiation Monitor Light

  • Light, low cost version of radiation monitor for use on small satellites
  • Modular functional blocks easily expandable
  • Basic version with spectroscopy and/or discriminator modes tuned for detection of electrons, protons and ions
  • Fully autonomous operation
  • M = 200 g, P = 0.7W, Size = 36 x 85 x 105 mm3

LEED – Low Energy Electron Detector

  • Optimized for hot electron plasma from ~10 keV up to 250 hundred keV
  • Based on low power, rad-hard ASIC coupled with dedicated Si-sensor
  • High resolution spectral information
  • Low power, mass and size: 0.5W, 200g, 30 x 100 x 100 mm3
  • Easily accommodated on small satellites

Energetic particle detectors

  • Optimized for high energy proton and electron detection
  • Fast Bread-board of novel detector systems and front-end electronics
  • Cost-efficient verification of requirements and functionality
  • Includes mechanics, detector structures and read-out electronics
  • Integration of ASIC and fast logic with readout SW and FW

HIT – Heavy Ion Telescope

  • Miniaturized design optimized as subsystem for spectroscopy instruments and radiation monitors
  •  Useful for both space and laboratory applications
  • Coupled with high speed, low power readout ASIC
  • Wide ion identification scope from He to Fe
  • Energy range 10 MeV/n – 500 MeV/n

AMORE – Autonomous Measurement of Radiation Environment

  • Autonomous operation with long period for data storage
  • Detection of gamma rays, electrons, neutrons, protons and ions
  • Spectroscopy measurements in wide energy range from tens of keV to tens of MeV (MeV/n)
  • Radiation directionality determination
  • Novel readout electronics