G4CAD — A FreeCAD workbench for converting CAD files to GDML

Physicists usually spend most of the time developing the mass model when developing a Geant4-based Monte Carlo simulation package. For simple geometries, it is relatively easy to describe them using CGS models. However, this becomes almost impossible for complex geometries. G4CAD is a free, open-source FreeCAD workbench developed by SE2S founders.  With the workbench and FreeCAD, users can 

  • import and edit CAD files
  • set materials and material management. Users can define their own materials and set the predefined materials for different solids
  • add simple CGS models 
  • set the tessellation tolerance for each individual solid
  • convert models to GDML files

G4CAD also provides other tools useful for creating mass models and converting CAD files to GDML, like measuring tools, tools to find or remove small parts. 

G4CAD source code can be downloaded from the github repo at: https://github.com/drhlxiao/g4cad

G4CAD -- a FreeCAD workbench for converting CAD files to GDML
G4CAD workbench in FreeCAD

Radiation analysis software — RadSYS

About RadSYS

RadSys is a 3D radiation analysis and shielding optimization software suite developed by SE2S, based on more than 10 years of radiation analysis experience of the founders.

The software allows users to analyze radiation effects, improve radiation hardness and reduce the overall shielding mass of equipment. The software has been successfully used in radiation analysis and shielding optimization for several space projects, for example, Lagrange, JUICE mission and Chinese Tianggong-2 spacelab. 

Radiation analysis software RadSYS
  • Interfaces to CAD systems

    Import 3D geometry directly from CAD files (step, iges, stl etc)

  • Interfaces to CAD systems

    Import 3d geometry directly from CAD files (step, iges, stl etc)

  • Mass model construction

    Construct mass models with both GUI tools and pythons scripts

  • Material management

    Management materials with both GUI and python script

  • Earth radiation model AE8/AP8

    Embed earth radiation belt models AE8, AP8

  • Multiple simulation engines

    Two engines Geant4 and built-in numerical engine supported

  • Rich tools in radiation analysis

    Provides tools for analyses of total ionizing dose, dose distribution, displacement damage and single event rate

Radiation analysis services

Susceptibility to ionizing radiation strongly affects the performance of instruments in aerospace. Our extensive knowledge of radiation hardness and its evaluation allows for the minimization of the radiation impact. We conduct radiation environment modelling and optimize instrument reliability.  Our services include

  • Radiation environment modeling for aerospace;
  • Analysis of radiation hardness and hazards; 
  • Evaluation of damage and effects in electronics;
  • Instrument and electronics shielding optimization;
  • Radiation qualification campaigns at exposure facilities;
  • Development and performing dedicated test of electronics;
  • Radiation hardness assurance and reliability assistance.
Examples of our experience