Electronic components and systems show degradation in their electrical performance when exposed to ionizing radiation. Earth’s atmosphere protects us from natural radiation from space – it is equivalent to about 1 m of Lead. Radiation in Space is about 1000 times stronger than on sea level.

Radiation Hardness Assurance (RHA) consists of all activities, which ensure that the electronics (and materials) used in a space devoted system perform to their design specifications after exposure to the space radiation environment.

Our team have assisted hundreds of projects to evaluate and improve the radiation hardness of their products.  Our customers include Thales Alenia Space, ESA, Airbus, ABB and AST space.


Our services

JUICE mission camera

Radiation Analysis

We model radiation environment based on mission orbit and lifetime, and analyze radiations doses end evaluate radiation effects using 3D Mote Carlo modeling.

Radiation test planing

Based on the radiation analysis results, or the requirements from customers, we help design test plans, prepare hardware and software, and arrange radiation facilities.

Radiation tests

We perform all types of irradiation including proton, gamma-ray, electron and heavy ion, according to our customers' requirements.

Analysis and reporting

We help our customers analyze the test data, prepare reports, and optimize the shielding design.

Our means

As a Paul Scherrer Institut spin-off and under its support, SE2S has access to its facilities including

  • Clean rooms
  • Thermal chambers
  • Thermo-vacuum chambers (down to 50K)
  • Proton Irradiation Facility (PIF, psi.ch/psi): protons with energies 5-230MeV
  • Electron Monochromator (EMON): electrons with energies 50-2100 keV
  • Co-60 facility
  • X-ray beamlines (Swiss Light Source – SLS)
  • Wide range of radiation sources
  • Mechanical workshops
  • Electronic labs, IT and Software 

We also use other irradiation facilities across Europe to meet our customers’ needs.