SE2S GmbH is a Swiss based tech-SME with over 30 years of experience in radiation qualification, particle detection and data analysis. Its founders gathered profound expertise in radiation qualification and testing, electronics design, hardware and software development, and data evaluation for applications in aerospace. Founded in 2020, SE2S GmbH offers next generation services and products in the following fields:

Radiation Effects and Qualification

  • Radiation environment modeling;
  • Assessment of radiation effects in electronics;
  • Systems and electronics for radiation qualification;
  • Radiation hardness assurance;

Detection of Particles and Radiation

  • Novel detector technologies with state-of-art electronics
  • Particle detectors for versatile radiation environments
  • Detection of radiation in aerospace applications
  • Ground support equipment and software

Space Weather Services

  • Space Weather and radiation modeling
  • Dissemination and analysis of the Space Weather data
  • Data center and ground segment software design
  • Impact assessment and risk prediction algorithms